Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes She Can!

Well, if I was ever inspired! I just got a text message from my brother-in-law, who said "What changes will P see in her lifetime? It began tonight." I'm so happy and proud of the world I have brought her into. I can't wait to bring her canvassing with me as I went with my mom. This was a good, good day for Penn, for the country, for everyone.

But it was annoying for me. I voted and took a little run-walk up the hill, and then went into a black hole of dithering before I got myself to the hospital. I had to pick up a prescription, argue with the insurance company, shower, pump --everything took longer than it should have, because I'm used to having Husband around. (I also didn't have the car today.) And then I had to check in with the doctors again, who took my blood pressure (repeatedly, every 10 minutes for an HOUR) and declared it a little high, but acceptable while I'm on the medication. So. I take this stuff for 6 weeks, check again, and if it's still high I start making major lifestyle changes (which I'm making already) and managing that.

Anywho, as for Miss Main Event, she continues to thrive. At this point she barely has any of the Bradys (where her breathing dips or stops). What she has is these hyper high-heartrate things: the machine beeps, I look up, her heartrate flashes red at 202, 206, 210, and I look at her -- and she's got a peeved look on her face while she tries to crawl out the porthole of her isolette. I kid you not, she moves her entire small bulk around in there in a way that she is not supposed to be able to do. Anyway, so those alarms are a lot less alarming. And usually, when she gets really mad like that, it means a wet or dirty diaper. Which I still think are cute!

Anyway, all these annoying interruptions just meant that by the time I shook off the doctors and pumped, I had barely 45 minutes to hold P in my arms. which was hard and upsetting but the nurses were so gracious and made as much time as possible for me. And tomorrow I'll be there earlier, with fewer dumb errands to run.

They are feeding her more and more -- she was up to 16 ccs today, so her gut is fully awakened and she may be able to drop the IV nutrition in favor of my own concoction. Which is awesome.

Lori, today's nurse, said she was all set to give her a glycerine suppository when she pooped -- I contend that she saw it coming and said "ALL RIGHT ALREADY! I'll poop!!"

She was amazingly, amazingly alert today. I was with her for about an hour before I had to go meet with the doctor, and her eyes were open the whole time, just looking around. She loves the sun, turns her head toward the light whether she's on her tummy or on her back.

I was actually chatting with the lactation consultant when my breasts felt like they were on a cheap date with an overzealous swain. Randomly. I said "wow, I must be ready to pump, this kills," and she said "your milk just came in -- your baby's calling for it." Simultaneously creepy and cool.

I still cannot figure out how to put video on this darn thing -- i have to ask my sister how she does it. For now, fotos.

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kg said...

Stay strong, Amy! And let P know that she's got peeps in Prospect Heights.