Saturday, November 15, 2008


Penn continues her upward arc, which of course just makes me worry. I absolutely freak out at the sight of any foreign object coming near her, even an innocent stuffed animal. She's doing great, just still sleeping a lot because she's fighting off the last of the bugs (and also operating under the effects of four antibiotics, which is also hard on the body). And all I can do is anxiously watch her for signs that she's getting sick again. Eh, may as well commence with the worrying now, it's going to last a lifetime.

Also: Breastfeeding. When Randy and the kids came to pick me up, Penn had finally, finally woken up and, when faced with the giant nipple, latched on. I am amazed at the alacrity of the nurses, by the way. Here I am gently nudging my breast at her, figuring she'll get the hint and help me out. After a couple of pathetic tries, the nurse comes over, whips Penny onto her side, and does some kind of crazy lego-move with my breast. Schtoink: she's on it. Not quite getting the hang of it yet, but at least we've re-started the process.

The kids were adorable. I was worried they'd be weirded out, but I guess they see plenty of breastfeeding over there in Hippieland and they were just delighted to see her doing something normal babies do. Max had brought her a stuffed animal that was bigger than her, bought with his own money. I think she likes it.

And, in a nice coincidence, I returned home to find a friend had sent me this cool gallery of breastfeeding images from the ages:

Anyway, I await tomorrow with cautious optimism. Also, people are coming to see the rabbit tomorrow. I would be overjoyed if they left with him. I think.

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