Monday, November 10, 2008

Graduation day!

I arrived at the hospital today and got a great surprise: P is off the ventilator! "Notice something different?" her nurse asked. Yeah -- you moved her again! Nice to give mommy a heart attack. Oh wait! My daughter has a face again! Wahoo!

Of course, this means she has to work harder to breathe again, and she does have a fair number of As and Bs -- she forgets to breathe from time to time. But at this point, she's 32 weeks old, not 30, and that is a huge difference in terms of brain function -- it's easier now than it was before.

She's not out of the woods yet. She's tested negative for 2 of her 3 infections, but the yeast still lingers, and within the next day or two they will test her eyes to make sure it hasn't spread there. But it's not in her mouth -- i saw them check. Apparently that's a good sign. But until she tests negavive for the yeast, they can't put the deeper IV in, and she's gotten stuck so many times that there's almost nowhere to put a line at this point -- so I'm anxious for the final infection to abate so she can have the more comfortable IV.

The other bummer is that she can't go home for 21 days after her last clear culture (showing the infection gone), and she hasn't had a clear culture yet. So it looks like she won't be home for Thanksgiving. Gaah. I'm trying to be OK with that but it's really frigging hard. I'm worried, I hate having to see her on a schedule, I hate having to hold her in a roomful of people, I hate having to pump because I only see her half the day -- I'm grateful for all the great care, but I want her home.

Well, at least it gives me time to keep cleaning and decluttering. Tomorrow I get my desk in order -- or start to, anyway. I wish the professional-organizer fairy would visit me!

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