Wednesday, November 12, 2008

cranky equals good

Oops, I forgot to post last night. The fact is, there are nights when I'm sorta dragging by the time I get home. It's great to see P doing better, but when it's time to leave and she's crying and I can't quite soothe her before I go, it's a little torturous. I mean, I know she's got a fleet of amazing nurses at her disposal, but all I want to do is sneak her into the pocket of my hoodie and take her home, where I don't have to ask for help every time I want to hold her.

Okay, rant over: she's doing better. Still testing positive for yeast, but the new culture hadn't grown out by the time I left yesterday, so maybe that'll end up being the negative test and the countdown to home can begin.

She's breathing on her own and, in my opinion, extremely anxious to start eating again. She gets so agitated when she smells me, and I think it's because she wants milk, not IV nutrition. I'm hoping they'll start her on food again today. Of course, the problem there is that my production has been ... okay! you know what? I'm in a bad mood! I'm going to post again when I'm feeling better!

The upshot: Penelope's doing great. She continues to gain weight and get spunkier and funnier. She completely relaxes when one of us holds her. So things are good! I'm going to have some coffee.


Sarah said...

You are more than allowed to be in a bad mood about all of this. Having to leave your newborn baby in someone else's care has to royally suck! Hang in there. xo

kg said...

I'm living for your updates Amy. Thanks for taking the time to let us all know how it's going day-to-day, even if it's a crappy day. I so wish I could come visit right now!! Love to you all.

Jessica, Mark & David said...

Amy, you rightfully can be in a bad mood and who wouldn't be exhausted after getting home under your circumstances? So happy that Pen is doing well!