Thursday, September 26, 2013

Penny to Randy, just now, out of the blue: You took Mommy to the hospital and she was crying because she didn't want me to come out.
Randy: what are you ... what?!
Me, overhearing from office: Did I tell you that story?
Penny: No, I really, really saw you when I was inside your tummy. You were crying.
Me: So why did you come out?
Penny: Because it was so, so hot in there.
Me: It was too hot? And then you had to stay in the hospital for such a long time after that!
Penny, forehead wrinkling in dismay: Why?
Me: Because you were so, so little and you had to finish growing! That's why I was crying, I was worried about you.

Doorbell rings, dog barks, conversation ends. WHAAAA!