Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Man, That's A Cute Baby!

Sorry for the graininess, but I think it's still worth posting. Penelope is VERY into the baby in the mirror -- and the mommy in the mirror, too. Every time I go past one, she practically vaults out of my arms in an effort to get eye-to-eye with that mirror-baby. At the supermarket the other day, there were mylar balloons, and she loved seeing the baby in them floating back up to their post in the sky. Hours of fun. Well, minutes.

Penelope has at least 4 teeth coming in at once -- the middle top two are poking thru, and the gums on each side are bruised and tender. But she rarely complains. She seems to take it all in stride. Very tough, this one. Not like her mother, who called the nurses "heartless bitches" because her Fentanyl was late...

She makes this adorable little popping sound with her lips, but I cannot catch it on camera. What I have is a lot of footage of Penelope grinning widely at the camera while *I* make the adorable popping sound, which is considerably less adorable. Go figure. She's also cruising, or attempting to. She stands, and steps forward and back while holding onto an object, and then falls. Getting her to sit is like trying to fold a deck chair in a windstorm.

She's kissing. That is, she's mashing her open mouth onto my cheek after I kiss her, and I am pretty sure the ensuing mush of spit and hot breath is an expression of affection. It certainly feels like one.

Saturday, August 8, 2009