Thursday, November 20, 2008

brilliant child

That killjoy Randy, joined by the killjoy medical profession, wants to tell me that no, in fact, my four-week-old preemie is not actually holding the binky in her mouth. she just likes to mash her hands into her face and is not cognizant of the fact that (a) she has anything to do with her hands getting mashed into her face and (2) that this is what's keeping her binky in place. I say nuts to that.

In other news, we are turning the heat down in her isolette again, getting her ready for another try at the bassinette. Since she's now up to one ounce per feed, fortified with extra fat for fatness, and gained another 70 grams so she's up to 2170 grams (4.78 pounds), I say she's going to do it, by george!

She's also a breasfeeding champ. I, unfortunately, am not. I am redoubling my efforts in that area, because the irony would just be too great.

I think she gets her IV out today (Thursday). I am heading over there now to see if that's the case. (I am still home because I had a doctor's appointment -- my blood pressure is holding steady! Hooray for my blood pressure! -- and have to get prescriptions filled, check the local used-stuff store for a co-sleeper, etc.) (defensive much?) (yes, I feel guilty whenever I am not at the hospital. Yes, my husband is desperate to see a movie and I'm too worried she'll miss me. Yes, this is all ridiculous. Now you know.)

That was a lot of parentheses. I'm exhausted.

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Jessica, Mark & David said...

Amy, you are doing great and, even better, Penn is a genius! Fie on anyone who says she's not holding the bink to her mouth. Fie!