Monday, November 17, 2008

ow excuse me

Very bad manners if you ask me. i mean, i'll get her a teddy bear if she needs a friend.

Anyway, she did, eventually, release her grasp and latch on the usual way. And after our pretend-breastfeeding session, the nurse gave her her food via the stomach-tube, and found there was already fresh food in there. In other words, P somehow managed to bully some food out of me -- so there's hope!

She's getting very huge and chubby and alert and interesting. She didn't gain weight today, oddly, but she had gained so much the day before, I guess it's okay... the big news is this: She finishes the first two antibiotics on Thursday (after a two-week course). The third, she can then take orally. And the fourth finished today. So as of Thursday, she won't have any more IVs poking into her poor hands and feet.

In even bigger news, she seems to be able to maintain her body weight, so tomorrow they are going to try moving her to a regular crib -- the next step toward getting out of the pokey. This is really terribly exciting. It also means I really can not screw around; every single day this week i have to be getting at least one thing ready for her. Oh jeebers, there is a LOT to do. augh!

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