Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kid In A Box

Dangit! We tried the new bassinet today, but Penelope's not chubby enough yet -- she didn't maintain her body heat. We'll try again tomorrow. But this is how she looks in her soon-to-be new home! Ignore the IV in her head, it looks dire but it's totally normal to do that.

I'm unusually exhausted, so I'll check in quick and dispense with the philosophizing for the evening. Baby's cute, did a little breastfeeding, she's extremely alert, and wow, I have no idea why I'm so tired.

It got chilly today. The fog rolled in, and not on little cat's feet either. This was San Francisco fog. It rolled in on big fat clown feet. The cold is wetter here and goes straight to your bones; even the NICU was chilly, so I'm sure that's the only reason she was too chilly to stay out of the isolette. Once we all adjust, she'll be ok -- but I am going to get some kind of bunting for her. It's northern california, after all.


Jessica, Mark & David said...

Pink!!! I love the photo you put in there for her. Surround the girl with love and laughter. Well done.

chellie said...

I want to buy her things! What can I buy? Are you registered anywhere? I am having mad crazy auntie purchasing pangs.
I have already spent at least 1 hour staring at every available Preemie thing, and nothing is cool enough. At all.

Madfoot said...

Gah! We are registered at Target and Babies R Us. but that is not why i said all that!!