Monday, November 3, 2008

Not The Day I'd Planned

So today was a little odd! I'll just start out by saying everything's completely fine now. And it started out great: Randy went off to work, I had a little walk up the hill, felt like a million bucks, was getting ready to run some errands and head to the hospital when I looked at the calendar and realized I had a doctor's appointment. It was supposed to be a quick peek at my stitches, since my regular ob-gyn hadn't been at P's birth.

The thing was, when they did the routine blood-pressure check, all of a sudden everyone started giving me the hairy eyeball. What? WHAT?! Turns out my blood pressure was so high, they didn't want me driving anywhere in case I had a seizure. Fantastic. My doctor had me do blood tests at his hospital, but wanted me examined at the one where P is, so that if I had to be admitted, I'd at least be near her. Stepson drove me over and Husband met me there; they took my blood pressure a bunch of times, and sure enough, it was high. They put me on medication and it came right down. I'll go in and check it out again tomorrow, and if it's ok, I'll just stay on the medication for 6 weeks. What they think is that I was preeclamptic when I gave birth, but it all happened too fast for them to figure that out. Or it was very mild and is only showing up now, which happens sometimes. I dunno how it all works. All I know is they freaked me out but they swear up and down that I'm fine.

Poor Husband has had about all he can take. He deserves a medal for all the worrying i'm putting him through. Everyone be very very very very nice to him.

Anyway, at this point it was after 7:30 pm and the night nurses were on. Husband was exhausted but he was a great sport; he'd gotten an hour with Miss P while i was hooked up to the endless blood-pressure machine, and I hadn't seen her at all. It is collossally amazing to realize how much you can miss someone, especially someone who weighs less than a grocery bag of pasta. Jackie, tonight's nurse, took her out and she latched right on to Lefty. I mean, she went to town. In fact, and this is weird because it's IMPOSSIBLE, when Jackie went to feed her right after that, she found some food in Penn's stomach, and it didn't look like leftovers from the last feed. It's entirely possible that she actually got milk out of me at Week 31, which, in case I did not mention it, is technically impossible.

So all you (imaginary) a-holes telling me she is not really smiling, SUCK ON LEFTY.

Oh! My gosh. Also, they put her in a onesie today. I plotzed. It was white with little pink flowers on it. I thought she wasn't allowed to wear anything! I can't upload the photo at the moment, though, because did I mention the day I had? Instead, all you get is this machine, which is the thing that shows us her heart rate, her breathing, and her blood gas. We're supposed to ignore it and focus on the baby: as long as she's nice and pink and we can see her chest moving as she breathes, she is OK. But how do you ignore such a thing? It keeps beeping! (Honestly, it's actually reassuring. And it's fun to try experiments, like breathing deeply while she's on me and seeing if her breathing becomes more deep, which it does, because I am all-powerful mommy goddess.) (for now.)

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