Sunday, June 15, 2008

Retrofitting the wedding dress

I think everything shifted, so my uterus made herself known, and now I'm in a holding pattern for a while, till Sluggo actually gets big enough to make a difference to the shape of my body. I have the same poochy belly I had a couple weeks ago, and my pants still fit in the tush, so I think I actually haven't gained much, and I don't see much happening in the next four weeks (when my wedding happens).

I went to a nice seamstress who swears my wedding dress will look great with a couple triangles stuck in the sides. I think I'm going to be a cute pg bride. I wonder if I can get my parents to pose with a shotgun for a wedding picture? I'm thinking sepia tones, glaring dad, nervous husband, comforting mom, and baffled bride. I think it'd be hilaire, but I think all sorts of strange things are hilaire. Like the thing I just typed and deleted. Some things just shouldn't be on the blog.

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