Friday, August 1, 2008


Nothing makes you think more about your pants than a big, swelling belly (and butt) making them all sorta uncomfortable. I had myself convinced they weren't that uncomfortable. Then I bought a hideous pair of actual maternity jeans for $9 at Maternity XChange. They are spectacular. Spectacular. I want twelve pairs, and wearing the other ones with a ponytail-holder and a Bella Band just ain't cutting it anymore.

Just sayin'.

Also, I told my mom my test results, and she immediately launched into a lecture about how I have to worry about weight gain and gestational diabetes. I'm not even kidding. She didn't even pause to say "oh great" before launching into this new assault. So I've been feeling so amazing all day, thinking I have never felt more myself, more pleased with my body, and now all I can do is worry that my doctor doesn't have enough horse-sense to tell me I'm a fat load. LA LA LA!

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