Wednesday, July 30, 2008

quad-screen results

I got a message from my perky, 16-year-old genetic counselor about my quad-screen test. She said everything looks fantastic:

everything is screen negative
risk for down's is 1 in 10,000
risk for trisome 18 1 in 10,000
risk for neural tube defects 1 in 970

I just looked up risk of miscarriage from amnio, and it's between 1 in 200 and 1 in 400. To my mind, this is a pretty good argument against amnio. I just have to do a little more reading to be sure, but it seems like I'm pretty safe.

The way I explained it a little earlier was: my heart knows everything is okay. my head, however, still worries. I still can't talk to my mom about any of this. I have to put it in an email tomorrow and let people read the links for themselves. I don't feel brave or foolish enough to be joyful quite yet. I feel like saying "I told me so." But sssh. Quietly.

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