Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What a Pain in the Back!

I got myself good and freaked out on Sunday with some awesome crippling back pain! Hey, I wasn't exactly smart about things. Faced with a day in which I could do anything I wanted, I chose: laundry, dishes and cooking (creating more dishes), and baking bread. After being cooped up all day, I was cranky and dragged my stepson out to the top of Bernal Hill for a brisk plod around the dome. Honestly, with folded laundry, a well-fed family and two loaves of warm bread in my kitchen, I felt great! 

Till I sat down to rest, noticed the rabbit wanted out of his hutch, stood up to let him out -- and fell over, nearly paralyzed. Nice to be FDR! I eased myself back down and stretched, and later Husband rubbed my back (I think seeing your darling wife waddle around like Burgess Meredith really motivates a fella), and there were no other scary symptoms of miscarriage (hi, my name is RatedPeeGee and I'm a what-to-expect-aholic), so I walked it off and was fine by morning. 

But jeebers. What is going to happen later? Seriously, I'm like the perfect pregnant size right now: big enough that people give me a seat on the subway, small enough that I can still reach all my parts when I'm showering. My whole job right now is to get bigger. I'm really pleased that I've had so few of the normal pregnancy complaints -- but this aching back is really going to cause problems. 

I know, I know: Get my ass to prenatal yoga, keep doing the stretches I learned, elevate my feet when I sit, put a foot up on a stool when I stand for long periods of time. Add to that: bend at the knees (even if I am worried that I'll end up stuck in mid-squat), get out of bed the way my mom learned after back surgery (roll onto side, then push up), and stop with the heels already (oops -- after today -- these pants need shortening!). 

Meanwhile, I've come to realize that one of my favorite things is the Babycenter weekly email's assessment of my child's size in food terms. I think I noted this last week. Now Sluggo is a bell pepper. My co-worker said, "Well, do they mean heirloom, organic, tiny bell pepper or hybrid, disease-resistant, huge bell pepper?" I have no idea! The bell pepper that's bigger than a turnip and smaller than whatever shows up in my inbox next week! 

My god, I'm ravenous. I'd better post this before I lose control and eat it. 

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