Monday, July 7, 2008

healthy baby! healthy baby!

I had a dream last night that I had a home ultrasound kit that I could just look at anytime, set up in a corner of my bedroom. I was just hanging out staring at Sluggo when I saw: a penis! and I was devastated. Devastated?! 

Uch, I am so IRRITATED with myself. I want: A healthy baby. My preference: none. There are charms to either gender, and I know for a fact that whoever looks up at me from that bloody mess will be the most perfect and enchanting creature. I swear, I do not have a preference. Or, my preference changes daily, hourly, and is not to be trusted. I use whatever pronoun is at hand, so that I won't develop too clear an image of one imagined baby over another. I refuse to play gender favorites!

So I will now commence feeling guilty over my dreamed negative attitude. That's good for me!

Incidentally, I've noticed this: when I refer to Sluggo as "he," people take it in stride. When I say "she," people go "Oh! You found out the sex?!" What's that about? The male is gender-neutral? Annoying. 

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