Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Bad Day

Sigh. I miss the easy part of my pregnancy. That being said, things eased up a bit for me after I took a yoga class on Wednesday. Amazing: I had given up on, say, forward bends and satisfying stretches, but surprise! if you do them slowly and carefully enough, with the right supervision, you adjust everything and turn the clock back a couple weeks in terms of mobility. It's exhausting, but god, it feels so good. I'd never do Pigeon on my own: thanks, yoga! 

The more you KNOW.... (cue shooting star)

Anyway. Last night I rolled over onto my right side and felt a sharp, burning pain. I lay there for a moment, wondering if it was going to get worse or just stay like that: when do I panic? Then Sluggo shoved something out of the way, and wiggled around a bit, and the pain vanished. Very helpful, child! I appreciate that! 

She woke me up twice last night, once when her daddy got home (terribly late, poor guy is working 'round the clock to get a VITAL VIDEO GAME onto the market, but will be done soon). She celebrated his slipping into bed by creating a one-women Rockette kickline. Same thing a few hours later, for no apparent reason. She also does this during the deep relaxation at the end of yoga class, by the by. 

Oh, but all this is overshadowed by the fact that this morning, I dragged myself out of bed, got into the shower, and, while standing in the spray, realized that (a) I felt like I had a UTI, (b) I was really, really tired and had to go to work, (c) the stepkids were coming and the house looked like shit and the laundry was overflowing and there was NO MILK, and (d) I was just getting more bloated and swollen. The ersatz UTI put me over the edge, and I started sobbing helplessly. Which alarmed The Husband. So I had to admit nothing was really wrong but I just couldn't do everything. 

My health insurance has this cool benefit where they hook you up with a groovy labor-and-delivery nurse who keeps regular during-the-week office hours. I called her and told her all my various symptoms, and she pointed out that indeed, UTIs are sneaky and weirdly asymptomatic during pregnancy, and you don't want to screw with them because of early labor, so I should just go pee in a cup for shits and giggles -- better safe than sorry. She's a very cool nurse, I like her. So I called my doctor and went to work till they told me I could come in for a little pee-in-a-cup party. The upshot? No UTI, but I took to my bed anyway, because I felt beyond dreadful. Exhausted. Disgusting. Horrible. I went into one of those restless coma sleeps, the kind where you're aware you're asleep? You know it's getting darker and you hear things going on elsewhere in the house, but you know you can't do anything about them? So weird. And now it's 1:16 am and I'm awake, finally working on some freelance. 

But I had to take off my engagement ring because my right hand is suddenly fat. I'm a bit worried that I'm pre-eclamptic, or have gestational diabetes, or just uh... something. I wish I'd had them check my blood pressure today. Eh. If I look like tweedle dee tomorrow, i'll go back in. they're always there -- it's a frigging hospital. 

blugh, though. i don't feel good, and i have that fat-nose pregnant-lady face. 

the good news: i get to wear my obama mama maternity shirt this weekend! w00t. 

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