Saturday, April 11, 2009

Big Doctor News

So we had a doctor's appointment this week. First of all: 11.6 pounds! We knew from her chubby pulkes that she'd gained. That means she's just about tripled her weight since her birth, right? I never know how to triple pounds. I think I have to turn everything into ounces to calculate it and I am not doing that. Suffice it to say she is "so fat, but good fat," as the kids say.

The really amazing thing is that -- we've been calculating her development from her due date. So when people ask me her age, I say "three months," so that people don't think "that is one seriously underdeveloped five month old."

Except the doctor went over what P is doing lately -- imitating sounds (including raspberries), grabbing things and stuffing them in her mouth, standing up with our help, following objects with her eyes and turning toward sounds, lifting her head to try to sit up, good head control, flying (ok not that last one) -- anyway, she's at about 4.5 months developmentally, catching up to her birth age already.

And really, no pressure. I'm perfectly happy to have her be developing from her due date, but it's just so exciting and cool that she's catching up, getting ahead. She's such a fabulous, groovy baby, completely charming and engaging, smiley and kicky, with great taste in music and clothes (I mean, she doesn't object, so -- that means she likes skull legwarmers and the Kinks, right?).

Fabulous child. Yay!


harry said...

Penny does look cool. She has great gazing eyes, absorbing what she sees. I am looking forward to our conversations. Starting with "woogie woogie"..."hee heee"...."woogie woogie"..."hee heeee."

lynncorinne said...

>jingling my keys<
big kisses!

Mim said...

how exciting! Penn is a super genius baby, I knew it!