Monday, April 6, 2009

Back To Work

I've heard you people clamoring for more episodes of The Penelope Show. We have not been inspired, but here are some photos:

Look at that head control!

Penelope and some bubbes at synagogue

Penelope and Ella, a pal from the NICU. If you'd seen them in their little isolettes, you would not believe it either...

Penn-Ella, Redux

My badass babe! (yes, those are legwarmers!)

Audie, a toddler pal (and Judy, from back east!)

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harry said...

Thanks for the lovely update on the ever-growing Penelope! Her head is high, her eyes are curious, and her whole demeanor bespeaks a new curiosity in the world. Congratulations to her parents on their most excellent work. xxx

Penny's grandpa