Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Penelope Show

I think this is going to look a lot better than the YouTube embeds.

Anywho: Tons to tell, no time to tell it. So rather than kicky prose, you'll get a list:

- We got bags and bags of clothes from the beautiful Sasha! Pics of Penn in her gorgeous new outfits forthcoming. Also from the amazing Bess!

- We have started night-nursing. It is a wonder! Everyone gets a lot more sleep! I just have to be very assiduous about sitting up and burping afterwards, or else we all get drenched in spitup.

- We're spending a lot more hours in the co-sleeper. By "we" I mean Penelope. We're not THAT attachment-parenty...

- We went to WonderCon and Penelope got Princess Leia's autograph!

- We went to mom and baby yoga! And penelope had to nurse the whole time. But we WENT!
And the woman next to me is a nurse in the UCSF NICU, and knows all our nurse-friends! And the woman across from me was in the NICU at the same time as we were! Small town, healthy babies, WIN

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