Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Penelope Club

There has been a meeting of The Penelope Club, which is very exclusive. We could not show all the shenanigans, but rumor has it there was giraffe-foot boxing. (Penelope is grabbing at objects, by the way. I know. GENIUS.)

Nothing new to report healthwise. We go back to her blood pressure doctor tomorrow, but i have no reason to suspect she'll be anything but healthy. She spends the entire night in the cosleeper, except when she's eating; last night that made for 8 hours of sleep, the night before -- 12! Yeah, I said it! Her naps are also becoming more discernible.

Monkey'd better start behaving himself if he wants to stay in the club.


Cindy C said...

Amy you are too funny!

Debbie said...

thanks amy for another installment. We're sending you a photo so we can be on roll call...the girls love love love these...and so do i!

Anonymous said...


1) I wanna be in the penelope club
2) she looks JUST like you. even more more now.
3) what a precious babe
4) we are havin a bloggy pahty tonite, teaching suz the ropes. wish you (and penelope) could be here!
5) i miss our emails!!!!