Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Drivin' and Cryin'

Hokay. I never thought I'd be one of those people, but... today, after the doctor confirmed that, in fact, my daughter was crying till she was purple in the face for no discernible reason, Randy and I headed North to Mill Valley, which I'd never seen. What the heck, if we have to drive around, we might as well have a destination.

It's very cute. Looks like Larchmont, and there's a place that sells Indian burritos. When I went in, while Randy tootled Penelope around the block in the stroller, I asked, "Do you have kids?" "I have tweens. But now they are beeg." "Did you ever have to drive them around to make them stop crying?" "I deed it, honey. Now you do it too."

Now we're home. She settled down somewhat, and spent some time in the bassinet staring at the cool mobile that Grandpa Harry told us to get -- but now she's sad again.

Facebook friends recommended gripe water, Mycilon, and changing my diet. I'm trying ALL OF IT.

Here's us on the road, and then back home during a brief respite. And bonus Eli and Penny having a mini-sleepover!


kg said...

I second the gripe water. Also...oh gosh...what are they called. Oh, right. Hyland's is the brand. We used their teething tablets, and also the ones they had for gas/colic. I got them at Back to the Land (a.k.a. Back to the Bank), but they should have them pretty much everywhere out there. : ) Love those smiley pics of Miss Moneypenny!

Anna said...

*love* these photos, most especially the one of Eli and Penn - soooo sweet!