Friday, February 13, 2009

Afternoon Delight

Behold the amazing Margaret, who offered herself for a few hours today to hold Penelope and entertain her while Randy and I went on an honest-to-God date! We had sushi and cuddled. Penelope was wailing when we left, but by the time we got to the sushi bar, she had settled down and was fast asleep. We came home a few hours later to the idyllic scene you see here: Margaret telling Penelope all about boys and burningman. Then Penelope caught a whiff of me and started wailing! "Wait, I forgot I missed you!" Silly girl. I'm so relieved to know she can survive in my big, bad living room without me. Briefly.

Thank you, Margaret!!


Holly said...

oh. mygod. this might be my favorite picture EVER. Margaret is a goddess, and Penelope is the cutest.

Anna said...

what a great picture - big smiles and big eyes all round!

also, yay, date!!

Maggie K said...

i am enjoying getting all the credit for basically sitting on my fat butt and cuddling the worlds cutest baby. when's the next date? surely there must be some shopping or restaurant or religious service or something you have to go do!