Sunday, October 18, 2009

Okay, Grandpa! New Videos!

My Dinner with Eli:

We could have edited this, but here's some of her first crawling:

A very odd habit she has:

Turning off the light:


harry said...

Grandpa happy! See Penelope eat! (Nice work, Eli.) See Penelope stand! See Penelope crawl! See Penelope stand/crawl! See Penelope pull book from shelf! See Penelope poke poppa's tongue! See Penelope turn light switch!

Penelope some hunk of smart! And some smiley cute.

janet said...

Is it okay if non-family members watch and enjoy the critter's antics, too?

Mim said...

I would so love to get Miss Hazel and Miss Penn together for an avalanche of girlbaby cuteness. Wah... too far away!